Shoe Lovin: Lucky Brand Basel Booties

What's up everyone, 

When I came across these shoes, you could say that it was almost by accident. I didn't go to the store with the intention of buying shoes, even though in the back of my mind I knew that I was in need of some new ones. 

I saw the shoes in the clearance section of Macy's and at that particular store they were 40% off. (Which is pretty good if you ask me) At first I wasn't sure about buying booties in the summertime, but what sold me was that they were perforated. 

Perforate(d): to pierce and make a hole or holes in.

The shoes are cool, airy, and comfortable



Current Favorites: Songs

What's up everyone, 

I know that I haven't done a music centered post for a long time, so I decided why not try it again. Today's post will be a list of the songs that I'm jamming out to right now. Some may be from the past, some may be from the present, and some may be from the future. 

I was kidding about the future part.

1. Unbreakable-Alicia Keys: This song always has me vibing whenever I listen to it. 

2. Power-Kanye West: The first time I heard this song was while watching the trailer for the Power Rangers movie, I looked it up afterwards, and the rest is history. 

3. Power-Little Mix: This is one of my favorite songs off of their Glory Days album. 

4. My Church-Marren Morris: I may have sung "yeah I guess that's my church" in the middle of the street once or twice. 

5. Independent Women, Pt. 1-Destiny's Child: My favorite part is when she says question, I don't why-it just is. 

6. Bills, Bills, Bills-Destiny's Child: "Good for nothing type of brother"  best of the song. 

7. You're Welcome-Jordan Fisher/Lin Manuel Miranda version (from Moana): I came across the music video for this on youtube and since how far i'll go is a favorite I thought why not? 

8. Growing Up-Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (ft Ed Sheeran): First thought after listening to this: "that was so precious".


Recreating Outfits for Less

What's up everyone, 

When I was younger, one way that I would look for outfit inspiration is by flipping through those Justice magazines that would get sent to my house. I remember going through those colorful pages. Sequins stick out in my mind from those days.

Lots and lots of shiny sequins......

Okay let me switch gears before this becomes a trends that I regret wearing type of post. I promise you there was a point to me writing that.

Basically, for this post I'm going to show you examples of how you can recreate different celebrity looks. How you can draw inspiration and use pieces that you might already have in your wardrobe right now.

Alright let's do this! 





A Review on Everything?

Everything yes everything.....ha ha.

Hey everyone,

I recently finished a book called "Everything, Everything" by Nicola Yoon and absolutely loved it! Basically it's about a young girl who has severe combined immunodeficiency disease (had to look this up just make sure that I spelled it correctly) which prevents her from going outdoors. In fact, she hasn't stepped outside in seventeen years and she's 17 so we're talking about her entire life.

.  One day she sees her new next door neighbor Olly and a single look shared between them ends up changing both of their lives forever.

This book ended up on my radar after I saw a trailer for the movie version. I was there to see "Beauty and the Beast" but they always run a bunch of trailers beforehand. Anyway, I thought that the movie looked really good and then when I saw the words: based on a best-selling book- I had to look into it.

It surprised me how much I ended up liking this book. I sat down and read it in four hours. The pace was great, the illustrations helped the reader to get a real glimpse into Madeline's world, and the dialogue really helped the reader to see the world through different character's eyes throughout the story.

"Everything Everything" is a book that can make you smile, frown, and even laugh a little.

Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

What's up everyone,

Okay so for today's post I'm going to be detailing my spring wardrobe wishlist (although you could probably tell from the title). Since spring is here and hopefully the warm weather is on it's way as well!

1. More baseball caps (in all colors with fun logos and patches)
2. Colorful sunglasses (I saw someone wearing glasses like these & thought they were awesome) 
3. Overalls (both jeans & shorts) 
4. More maxi skirts (love them and hoping to buy some like in the picture)
5. Off the shoulder shirts
6. T-shirt dresses 
7. Maxi dresses in beautiful colors
8. Betsey Johnson Telephone Purse
9. Splatter Print Sleeveless Tulip Dress

Spring Wardrobe Wishlist


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Lots of Liners and Lipsticks

What's up everyone,

For my birthday I received the "Sephora's Favorites Give Me Lip & Liner" pack.

Basically, Sephora collected (and paired) these different lipsticks and liners. Some of them are full sized and some of them are sample sized.

Top 3:
1) The Estee Edit Lip Flip Shade Transformer: Honestly, I didn't know what to think when I went to try this. I read the little description and the idea of it being a shade transformer intrigued me. I paired it with the Stilla liquid lipstick. First I applied the Stilla product (which is a very vibrant red) and then I applied the shade transformer. I subsequently saw the red get darker-about the same shade that I would normally choose when it came to lipsticks. This is definitely a great product to have in your makeup collection.

2) Marc Jacobs: I usually don't go for light colors, so I was both nervous and intrigued when I saw this in the pack. I applied it and found that it is a really great color. This is my go to lipstick if I'm just going for natural instead of bold.

3) Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Kir Royale:  My favorite thing about this was how it felt on my lips. The plumping effect feels amazing. Plus, it's super pigmented and really enhances whatever lipstick you wear it over. For example, I wore it over my Kat Von D lipstick and it looked really cool. It's another lip product that is perfect for an everyday look.

A Review of the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in shade "Exorcism".

What's up everyone,

First things first, I definitely have a love for deep red & pink lip colors-which is one of the things that attracted me to this product. I recognized the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks from the website and I remember picking up this light purple color. When I swatched it, it clashed so bad-I knew it wasn't for me.

That's when I decided to go with what I knew worked for me (deep reds and pinks) and I came across the color. This was my first liquid lipstick and I really love how easy it goes on. I think from now on I might just buy liquid lipstick instead of regular lipstick haha.

1) The color goes on exactly how it looks like it in packaging. In other words, what you see is truly what you get.

2) It's pretty long lasting, I mean I only really reapply once while I'm using it. It's matte so it's not going to be super shiny, if you want to add a little shine to it-try applying a layer of clear lipgloss over it.

1) Drying: There have been times where I've worn it and my lips ended up feeling really dry. One thing that I've done to help with that feeling is put on chapstick (or vaseline) before applying the lipstick.

Final Thoughts:  
Overall I feel like it's a solid product. If you're looking for a deep red long lasting liquid lipstick, the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in shade "exorcism" is the one for you.

Ways To Prepare For New Classes.

What's up everyone,

For many people winter break is coming to an end. The day you return to school is getting closer and closer. You want to start this new quarter (or semester) strong, but how do you go about doing that?

1) Keep An Eye On Your School Email: Every student has one and this is most likely where your  teachers will send their syllabuses.

2) Read Those Emails Carefully: They could say something like make sure to bring this syllabus to class or have a list of materials at the very end of the email. Either way, it's good to be prepared.

Photo by JJ Thompson
3)Practice Getting Up On Time Again: You have to get your body back into the routine you had before break. If you have an early class (example 8 am), then you have to get your butt out of bed.

4) Stock Up: Get the supplies that you think you'll need on your first day. I've always brought a folder (in case they give out papers), a notebook, and something to write with. This is only if you haven't received any instructions about bringing specific supplies on the first day of class.

5) Stay Organized: It will help you to keep track of things like homework for example.

6) Set Your Alarms: This goes hand-and-hand with practicing getting up on time. My suggestion is to set two or three, unless you're one of those people who can get up only after one alarm.

Alright, there are six ways to prepare for a brand new semester or quarter. Of course these aren't the only ways, just things that I've done that helped me out immensely.

A Look At 5 of My Top Songs of 2016

What's up everyone,

One day, I went to go listen to something on Spotify and came across this playlist that it had put together of my most loved songs in 2016. These were basically all of the songs that I played over and over again. As I scrolled through the playlist, I found some of them to be kind of surprising.

Photo by Alvaro Serrano
Here are five of them:

1) "I Won't" by Little Mix: I actually have a few Little Mix songs on the playlist in addition to this one. Not surprising really since they are one of my favorite groups. I love this song specifically because it gets you pumped, especially when the choir came in.

2) "Once In A While" by Timeflies: I remember listening to this song a lot in the morning on days when I had a really early class. It just helped me perk up a little bit.

Favorite part: "I live life like my blood type-be positive."

3) "Dark Times" by The Weeknd ft Ed Sheeran: At first I was confused as to why this song was on here, but then I remembered that there was a point when I was really feeling this song.

4) "Sorry To Interrupt" by Jessie J, Jhene Aiko, and Rixton: Completely forgot that this song existed, until I listened to it and was like oh right. I definitely listened to this in the eariler months of the year.

5) "Alexander Hamilton" by The Broadway Cast of Hamilton: Can say that to this day I still listen to the soundtrack every once in a while. If the mixtape had come out earlier, I'm sure a lot of the songs from there would be on this playlist as well.

Sephora's Romantic Eyeshadow Palette (Review & First Impression)

What's up everyone,

A few days ago, I ordered Sephora's romantic palette because, I was in need of some new eyeshadow colors. As much as I loved the eyeshadow palette that I had from Wet n Wild, I was starting to get tired of it. It was time to add something new to the mix and this palette was $7.00.

When the palette first came in, I noticed the packaging right away. The palette opened like a little wallet and I just found that so cute. It is a small palette, there's no denying that. Even though there's only eight colors in the palette, it still packs just as much of a punch.

1) Very pigmented
2) Compact and easy to travel with.
3) Multi-hour wear

1) Size-Like I said before, it is a small palette. This can be a negative for some people.

All and all, I was happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it to any makeup lovers.

Ways To Wear Maxi Skirts in the Fall (Outfit Ideas)

What's up everyone,

I'm going to be honest with you right now-I love maxi skirts. These are definitely some of my favorite pieces to wear in my wardrobe. The thing is, you typically see them during the spring and summer-which is logical don't get me wrong. People usually associate skirts with something that a person would normally wear in the warmer months. On the other hand, I started trying out ways to wear a maxi skirt in the fall. Just because the weather gets colder doesn't mean that you have to put the skirts away just yet.

Casual School Day

A Fancy Fall Evening

(Skirt) (Shirt) (Jacket) (Tights) (Shoes)

Pictures were made with Polyvore.


Hi everyone,

I'm writing this post-I guess impulsively? What I mean is that I didn't set out to write something like this today. I was originally going to post a review, but I think that I'll save that for another day.

The title of this post is stress, which I've learned comes in many forms-at least for me. I can't speak for anyone else's experiences. I am currently in college and my summer was a little longer than most. The summer was great at first, but towards the end I became pretty bored and restless. I just wanted to start school. Looking back now, I think about how I should have cherished that time off.

School is stressful and sometimes no matter how hard you try you can't escape it. You could be organized to a T and be stressed out from being too organized. It's almost a catch 22. I think that the worst time for me was when I felt overwhelmed, panicky, and ended up calling my Mom.

Is that embarrassing for someone my age to do? Call your mom when you're upset?

I did calm down after talking to my Mom and I decided that I needed to walk away for a bit. I needed to take a break and do something else. One thing that I did was watch an episode of Shameless on Netflix. It's one of my favorite shows and I felt like a comedy if anything would make me feel better.

I just wrote this to write this. I didn't really have any tips in mind, so it's not really a "how to" post. I guess I could say that this is more of a thoughtful post. A little peak into the mind of Taylor.

Ha. Funny.

Try Try Again.

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be honest here: I've had three other blogs in the past. These were blogs that I ended up deleting because too much time went by and I just wasn't invested anymore. Now maybe those were signs that I just wasn't ready to put my all into blogging yet. I wasn't ready to commit to those blogs.

Then I got into Youtube and strangely enough that helped me to learn how to stick to a schedule. I always made sure to have ideas for new videos ready to film and in the early days I used to edit them the same day I would film. For a while I really only made YouTube videos, I didn't go back to blogging until last year.

When I created Aqua and Amore, I really made sure to do some research before writing my first post. Pinterest really helped me with that. All of the posts that I'd found about topics like how to blog consistently fueled my inspiration. Although, the hardest part was thinking of the name, that took me a little bit. Eventually, I did come up with the name and this blog was born.

Halloween Costume Ideas (DIY Halloween Looks)

Halloween is just around the corner and most people are still searching for that perfect costume. If you're one of those people, here are some ideas to help you get inspired!

Witch from AHS: Coven

1) If you're a fan of American Horror Story,
then why not be one of the witches from the
Coven season? Now the way these characters dressed was way different than your average witch. (Dress) (Tights) (Shoes) (Choker) (Hat)

Nyota from Star Trek (Zoe Saldana version)

2) Another costume option is Nyota from Star Trek. Now I know that the character was played by two different actresses, but the costume was pretty similar regardless.  

3)   If you're a fan of the books, movie, or tv show-why not channel your inner shadowhunter this Halloween?

(Shirt) (Jacket) (Pants) (Boots)  '

Playlist of the Week (5)

Hey everyone,

I know that it's been a while since I last posted, but since school started things have been a little hectic. Thankfully, I've managed to create a good schedule-let's hope I stick to it. Anyway, my newest post is another playlist of the week post. I decided that for this post in particular, I'm going to give it a theme of some sort. This is my work out playlist, songs that I listen to when I work out.

1) "Ain't my Fault"-Zara Larsson. This definitely a hype song, would listen to this if I was on the treadmill or the elliptical .  

2) "Hope You Understand"-Grace.

3) "Are You Having Any Fun?"-Hoodie Allen (ft Meghan Tonjes)

4) "Hair"-Little Mix (ft Sean Paul)

5) "She Doesn't Mind"-Sean Paul.

6) "Needed Me"-Rhianna. I would listen to this song when I'm on one of the strength machines. I just prefer to listen to songs are slightly slower. 

7) "Sucker for Pain"-Wiz Khalifa, Imagine Dragons, Logic, Ty Dolla Sign, X Ambassadors, and Lil Wayne.

8) "Sax" -Fleur East.

9) "Holy Grail"-Jay Z (ft Justin Timberlake)

10) "No Interruption"-Hoodie Allen.

11) "Work"-Rhianna (ft Drake)

12) "Comeback"-Ella Eyre.

Alright there is my work out playlist for Playlist of the Week! What kind of songs do you like to listen to when you work out?

8 Things That I Learned From My First Year of College.

Hey everyone, 

Since it is "back to school" season, I decided to do a school-related post. I'm currently in my second year of college and let me tell you-college can teach you a lot in just one year. You learn things that are not just academic related, but also life related. 
Rafael Sato via Flickr

Wow I hope that made sense.
1) Organization is key. If3 you do not try to stay organized at least a little bit, it can lead to stress. 

2) If you're stressed, step back and take a break. Find something that relaxes  you and then come back. 

3) Coffee is your friend and so is water. 

4) Study. Study. Study. It will make everything a heck of lot easier. 

5) Once you're done writing an essay, paste parts of it into google translate and have it read back to you. I did this all of the time and still do.  

6) Don't be afraid to take a nap once in a while. 

7) When you go to study, try using the Pomodoro technique. You set a time for 25 minutes. You study during that time and once the timer goes off you take a 10 minute break. 

8) Make sure that you try to get involved in school activities or clubs. Those are some of the best ways to meet people. 

My Current Beauty Wishlist.

Hey everyone,

Recently, I've been feeling the need to sort of renew my makeup collection. I wanted to get some new products and maybe even a new makeup bag. To be honest, the latter maybe more important because I can't fit all of my products in the one that I have right now (which is definitely a problem). Anyway, I decided to compile a beauty wishlist and share it with you all. Just in case any of you were looking for some new makeup products too.

1) Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer (L'Oreal): I recently ran out of my Wet n Wild primer which has worked consistently well for me. I just think that maybe it's time to try something different.

2)  Brow Drama Pomade Crayon (Maybelline): I've heard and read good things about this particular product. I guess what interests me the most about this is how well it fills in your brows.

3) Facestudio Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter (Maybelline): I've never tried a proper highlighting product before, so I thought why not give this one a shot? Plus, the highlighter is affordable.

4) Color Icon Brow Pencil (Wet n Wild): I don't think that this product would have really interested me if I hadn't watched the little video that Wet n Wild had about it on their website.

5) Color Icon Brow Shaper (Wet n Wild): I would try this in addition to the brow pencil. I mean, together they would cost around 5 dollars.

Alright, there is my current beauty wishlist. I know it might be a little short, but at least I managed to narrow it down.

One Palette. Different Looks.

Hey everyone,

Recently, I bought the Petal Pusher eyeshadow palette by Wet n Wild. Now, I know that the Wet n Wild palettes have little descriptions on the back of them so I saw that you could create different looks from just eight colors. That's when I decided to see just how many looks that I could create.

Look #1: 

Just a single shade all the way up to the brow bone. As you can see, it's a very light and soft shade. It's normally used as the base for the looks but I decided to put it on without the other colors. 

Look #2: 

This is the second brow bone shade. The shade is similar to the previous shade in look #1, but what makes them different is that look #2 has a shimmer to it. 

Look #3:

For this look, I went straight down the right row of eye shadows. Definitely has some darker colors and created a smoky eye.

Look #4:

Alright so I went down the left row of colors. These colors created a lighter shade than the previous look and this is probably my favorite because of the purple to hue to it.  

Look #5:

This time I mixed it up. Instead of going straight down, I went from right to left. As you can see, despite using two different colors, a similar smoky eye to look #3 was created.

Look #6:
I went the opposite direction compared to the last one: left to right.

Look #7:

Okay, so my final look is just the eye shadow on the right that's meant for the eyelid. It's brown with a little bit of a sparkle.

Of course, these aren't the only looks that can be created from this palette. There's probably a lot more, these are just the ones that I managed to come up with. Either way, I hope you enjoyed the post!